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The Most Underrated Elements That Make A Great Restaurant

The Most Underrated Elements That Make A Great Restaurant

More often than not, restaurant owners invest their efforts in making delectable food choices and enhancing the interior design, believing these will create a lasting impact on their customers. And while we can’t argue with this fact, offering a positive customer experience does not rely on these aspects alone. In fact, there are other intangibles which are not often recognized and yet it contributes to the “wow factor” that they are selling to their patrons.

And if you want to know more about this, then we suggest you continue reading as we’ll tackle some of the most underrated elements that make a great restaurant in today’s blog entry.

Let’s get started…

restaurant ambiance

Exterior Ambiance – Of all the overlooked elements, having a great exterior ambiance is perhaps the most undervalued. Yes, lighting, decorations, and the general ambiance can make or break a visit, but do they really account for as much as people think?

The truth is, you’ll also have to invest in this area because it sets the tone of the experience you want your guests to expect the moment they step foot inside your business establishment. Here are some things we can recommend you to do:

Consider well-maintained landscaping with ambient music and lighting so that waiting guests will feel comfortable before entering your restaurant.

Install cooling misters and heaters to provide warmth and cooling for waiting patrons.

Remove trees from your parking lot as they can damage the asphalt over time.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Waukesha, WI that has good ambiance, you can check out Tofte’s Table today.


Tabletops – This element can make the table look clever or cluttered, depending on how they’re placed. Though not really considered as a functional item, as they’re often removed to create more space for the dishes, you can still make use of other practical treatments like placing a bowtie napkin fold or branded napkin rings that diners can take home after their visit.

Always remember, tabletops are also part of the presentation. So make the most of this serviette piece and the customer will have a good experience.


Menus And The Check Presenters – These elements serve as the formal introduction and customer of your customer’s dining experience. Consider a simple menu that guests can easily scan through, regardless of the food items you’re offering. Also, remove any dollar signs or anything that will make diners decide on their choices based solely on the price.

In addition, you have to do the same with check presenters so customers will be able to understand the details right away.


Restrooms – Though usually seen as the least glamorous part of your establishment, restrooms still require your full attention. Always keep in mind that these areas are often mentioned in most online restaurant reviews, so it pays to give your restroom a touch of personality too. And of course, keep it clean always as it will also affect the customer’s perception of your place.


Noise – Finally, equip your restaurants will sound-absorbing objects like carpets, jettisoned tablecloths, exposed ceilings to keep noise to a minimum. Though modern diners expect some type of noise every time they eat out, you still have to make sure the decibel levels are kept in check so the dining experience of other customers will not be ruined by sound from the outside and the chattering of other guests.

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